Each of us brings a long and diverse experience of
working in our own fields.

Emilio Mula
Filmmaker & Generative art

has more than 20 years of experience as a videographer, animator, vj and visual artist, Emilio’s work explores aspects of generative Art and ways to use sensors as a resource for creating audio visual installations.

Emilio is the founder of "Children of Compost" a multidisciplinary art collective  aiming to create art experiences that can help people understand and engage with complex and quick changes that our planet and us as a species are going through.

Chinowski Garachana
Sound artivist

Since the 1990s, Chinowski Garachana aka Teslaradio has developed an intense and committed activity as a sound artivist and electronic explorer in various fields. He has participated in meetings, festivals and artistic events generally related to the territory and its spatial, social and sound dimensions.

He was an active member of the free culture area of La Casa Invisible and the creation of its Medialab. He has curated the NoLaptopFest for a decade and is currently part of the Transdisciplina collective based in Malaga, Andalusia.

Ignacio Bejar
Multi-instrumentalist, composer

His passion for music and instruments of the world together with his interior work and spiritual search have led him to investigate and discover a universal language through music and sound, and to recover the ritual and healing significance of this art that all traditional cultures have used, since the beginning of time, to connect with nature, with the spiritual world and to become one with the group and its environment.

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