visual projects

for a shifting world

What most of our
projects have in common

is a vision of a world in which we care for our ecosystems, and where our actions are guided by principles of equality (between species, cultures, and races) and fair use of resources. We want to explore a new narrative of inclusiveness and re-connection with the nature of all living, that can guide us in this profound moment of transformation.

Latest Work

You can see more of my work on vimeo

some of the organisations
we've worked with:

Since 2010
we have done films and animations

Food Growing
Transition movement
Renewable energy
Natural building
Conflict resolution
Climate change
Social engagement
Deep adaptation
Art & Creativity

Our Services


We are specialized in creating promotional videos, crowd funding videos and small documentaries.
Ready to be used on your favourites online platforms.


Some concepts are better communicated using  animation , we can offer you technics like stop motion or Motion Graphics to communicate your ideas.

Online consultancy

Do you need to know how to create your own videos, how to set up a youtube or zoom studio for broadcasting with OBS, any help with video editing or animation software? We can provide you with some
personal support.

Years Expreience

we are offering our filming services in Devon UK

rob hopkins

founder Transition Towns
"His artistry, his creativity, patience, and eye for humor and beauty has made such a difference to so many people and projects and his commitment to creating work that changes the world runs deep."
Yaacov and Susannah Darlin Khan
founders of movement medicine
“Emilio Mula is an artist and activist at work in the medium of film. His work is devoted to human transformation, and he brings deep integrity, skill, presence, and love to it. The process of working with Emilio is beautiful, and the end product has always surpassed our expectations.”
Simon Bates
Exeter and east Devon Growth point
“he is deeply environmental and brings that ethos to all of his projects. He is particularly skillful at moving amongst the actors without interfering with the flow, leading to a natural portrayal of the project.”
Ruth Ben Tovim
Encounters arts
“Emilio delivers heartfelt documentary films of incredibly high standards that capture the wide range of community-based projects that we deliver across the UK.”
Rosie Perks
Dance Scapes
“His visual and creative skill are matched by his ability to understand what is needed and deliver it. His films are always beautiful, strong and heartful. I have always found him a pleasure to work with”

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