exploring interactions with the
"more than human" world


Means “making-with.” Nothing makes itself; nothing is really autopoietic or self-organizing …
Sympoiesis is a word proper to complex, dynamic, responsive, situated, historical systems.

Donna J. Haraway

what we seek...

In our creative explorations we seek to amplify the voice of natural phenomena, the voice of everything that interacts with us–constantly, invisibly, without our awareness; tides, humidity, magnetic fields, photosynthesis, biogeochemical pathways. We translate these forces into images, real-time audiovisual installations and interactive experiences. We do this in order to call attention to the fact that it is time for us all to engage in a more intimate dialogue about these complex interrelationships... the forces that do actually govern our lives.

In the face of climate change and biodiversity loss, we believe it is vital to create and produce these artworks to help us viscerally feel–in a more sensory and less cognitive way–how we are being exposed by these great systemic changes. The climate emergency is not something external, it is deeply internal, and from which we cannot be separated.

The artworks are the product of hours of screen time in cloistered spaces or cubicles, bringing deeper awareness to the widening state of separation between humanity and the natural world. They are brought back to meet the natural world at night, in places not normally frequented, such as woodland, the riverside or a graveyard, where the darkness allows for a revelation of this until-now invisible activity, sharpening our instincts and bringing all our attention to it.

There is ritual involved in the selection of intimate locations and the gathering of people. This is not entertainment, each installation requires something of its participants, something close to a cellular exchange.
Series Decay - projection on Courgette plant

stills from Decay 02

“We commonly think of animals and plants as matter, but they are really systems through which matter is continually passing.”

William Bateson

“"Climate change is a signal that the world will not be told what to do, and so we have to learn to thrive or to meet this world.
And that doesn't mean mastering the new world. It means coming to a place where we recognize that we're not in control."

Bayo Akomolafe